No Man's Sky included free with some systems



Simply select "Credit Card or Bitcoin" at checkout then switch to the Bitcoin tab.

Credit Card

Simply select "Credit Card or Bitcoin" at checkout

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About MatrixPC

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We are a small computer building company operating out of Brenham, Texas which manufactures high-quality custom PCs. All of our PCs come with a lifetime free labor guarantee: if you ever have an issue with your computer you can ship it to us and we’ll repair it for the price of parts and shipping. Our computers are built for both performance and beauty: we practice clean cable management to ensure your system looks just as well as it performs.

Don’t like what you see? Talk to us and we’ll put together a custom build just for you.

Our address is 2605 Daisy Drive, Brenham, TX, and you can get in touch with us using our support ticket system above (preferred) or by phone ((818) 850-2732).

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a free operating system that replaces Microsoft Windows on many of our systems. Don’t worry: it can do almost anything Windows can, including gaming. Valve, the maker of Steam, has committed to Linux development (and Ubuntu is a form of Linux), so you can simply install Steam then download any of the almost 2,000 games that support Linux. Also, with Ubuntu, you don’t have to worry about security nearly as much as Windows. By default, Ubuntu is hardened against most attacks, and if a vulnerability is discovered it will get fixed extremely quickly. And, unlike with Windows, most updates don’t require a reboot, so you can get security fixes when they come out as opposed to procrastinating.

MatrixPC fully supports Ubuntu; if you’re having any issues with it feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you to get your problem solved. If you want to switch to Windows, that’s fine, too. Open a support ticket and we’ll guide you through the process.